You will find that I really only offer a few services. I have my mobile grooming business set up to cater to the regular every 4, 6, and 8 week clients. I also service clients every week, every two weeks, so on and so forth. However, there are some instances where I will extend that time frame depending on the type of dog out to 10 or 12 weeks. Also, for my regular clients I will do in between baths and touch ups. I do not offer just a bath on unless it’s a touch up or in between groomings. All dogs need brushing, nails, ears ect. Dogs that don’t “need” a hair cut per se can always benefit from a deshedding process called “carding”.

Full grooming

Full Groom starts at 77.00 for dogs under 25lbs:
Bath, conditioning, ears, nails, pads, anal gland expression (if needed), all cutting and styling or “carding”, and cologne.

If your dog weighs more than 25lbs, feel free to shoot me a text if you want to check the price. Generally the price is as follows:

25 to 50lbs – $85.00
50 to 75lbs – $99.00
75 to 100lbs – $112.00
Anything over 100 lbs is 1.00 a pound over the 108.00.

Nail Trim 

I must already be in your area. The general price is $14.00

All prices will increase with difficult behavior dogs. These prices all fluctuate depending on the type and condition of coat. Again, please feel free to text, call or email for a price quote.