• Give your dog a spa day!

    A dog is an important member of the family and should be treated like one! What would say “I love you” to your furry friend more than treating him to a relaxation day with an experienced and friendly pet groomer?


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About Me

My name is Rose. In my opinion, the comfort and happiness of the dogs come first and I work to suit their needs.

It is highly imperative for the pet parent to be aware of their dogs health and that’s why I guarantee to report anything I find of an unusual nature on your dogs. I will also be attentive of their behavioral changes and report them as well.

My Benefits

  • 10 years dog grooming experience
  • 8 years mobile grooming experience
  • A calm, attentive, positive groomer
  • A personal pet owner and lover
  • The convenience of mobile grooming
  • You don’t have to be home

Contact Info

I service the Dublin, Delaware, and parts of Westerville and Worthington areas.

Phone / Email
614-804-1041 / mobiledogspa@yahoo.com

Rose’s Spa Day Mobile Grooming


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